ITT 084: How To Become an Effective Leader with Jonathan Raymond

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Jonathan Raymond is the founder of and the author of a new book called ‘Good Authority’.  Jonathan has worked in many businesses, including, in the wind energy sector, as a lawyer, and as a yoga instructor. He began his work as a business consultant when he became the CEO of EMyth in 2011.

In this broadcast, Jonathan Raymond and I talk about:

  • How becoming the CEO of EMyth helped him begin to find his balance in life.
  • Why it is that has the goal of ‘helping the helper’.
  • Some of the common challenges to holding people accountable in business and organizations.
  • How to hold people accountable while keeping an open heart.  How to be a boss who is not too tough or too soft.
  • Identifying some of the symptoms of being a boss who is not great at accountability with his team, including:
    • Constantly finding yourself mediating disputes between people.
    • Having the sense that there are sloppy mistakes being made by your team.
    • Having people continually check in with you on tasks they should be able to complete themselves.
    • Finding that every meeting ends with a call for better communication.
    • Frequently seeing that something is ‘off’ with your team but not doing anything about it.
  • How to take proactive steps to avoid these accountability and communication problems by naming the problem and setting up a culture of communication within your organization.
  • The problems that happen when bosses forget that they do have power, which can cause a barrier to honest communication.
  • His theory of the ‘Trickle-Down-Transformation’, how it happens and why it does not work.
  • How the alternative to Trickle-Down-Transformation is real time feed back, a culture of communication within the organization, and consistent outside feedback from those who are structurally outside of the day-to-day operations of the organization.

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