ITT 105: How to Use Quizzes for Lead Generation with Josh Haynam

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Josh HaynamJosh Haynam is the Co-founder of Interact which is a quiz building and lead generation platform. I found myself taking a lot of notes during this interview because Josh had some incredible information and really got me fired up to start using quizzes as a lead generation tool in my own business.

In this broadcast, Josh Haynam and I talk about:

  • The psychology behind quizzes
  • The key to creating a quiz that works for your business
  • The #1 way to promote quizzes
  • Are quizzes good for segmenting your leads and/or audience?
  • What types of questions should be in your quiz?
  • The outline of every great quiz
  • The ideal number of questions for your quiz
  • How to determine the outcomes of your quiz
  • The best ways to leverage your quiz leads
  • Do you have to create a customized backend system for each outcome?

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“What quizzes allow you to do, is create content that lets people express themselves.” - @JHaynam

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