ITT 185 - How to Sell with Story with Kyle Gray

in the trenches EP 185 - ITT 185 - How to Sell with Story with Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur, the founder of ConversionCake, and a bestselling author who helps startups and small businesses grow their businesses with content marketing. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create scalable content marketing strategies while also creating step-by-step processes and templates to automate and delegate tasks. Kyle’s book The Story Engine outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective.

In today’s conversation with Kyle, we’re talking about how to use storytelling to become an authority in your niche while boosting sales and winning the hearts and minds of your audience. In other words, we’re exploring how you can start selling with story. My biggest takeaway from this conversation is that using story in your marketing really does sell and it is what cuts through the noise and nonstop interruption based marketing techniques that you see all over social media.

In this broadcast, Kyle and I talk about:

  • What was Kyle’s journey when it came to writing The Story Engine
  • Who is The Story Engine best suited for
  • What is a proprietary process
  • How can you approach the proprietary process
  • What is a good outcome versus a bad outcome
  • Why having a clear outcome helps you set yourself apart
  • How you can make naming your offerings easier by knowing the outcome you’re offering
  • What is a success path and what does it include
  • What are Kyle’s top five story elements
  • When should you use Kyle’s recommend story elements
  • How can you use these story elements to teach
  • What is The Buyer’s Journey framework
  • How can you implement know-like-trust into your stories
  • What is The Hero's Journey and how is it different than The Buyer’s Journey
  • What is The Crossroads Formula

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