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ITT 183 – Facebook Advertising: What’s Working Right Now with Mojca Zove

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Mojca Zove is a Facebook Ads expert, author of the Facebook Ads Manual, and international speaker. Her work focuses on helping businesses generate more leads and increase profits with a professionally-made Facebook Advertising Strategy so that they can devote their time to other aspects in their business. Mojca works with multimillion-dollar businesses from all over the globe. In her work, she focuses on implementing previously tested and already successful strategies for generating the best results.

I brought Mojca onto the podcast to discuss what’s working in the space of Facebook advertising, how she’s setting up campaigns that are lucrative, and what Facebook Ads funnel structure will actually convert. My biggest takeaway from today’s conversation is that even though we’ve heard a lot about how Facebook Ads are becoming more and more expensive and results are decreasing, I have a better understanding that these negatives are really because of the level of competition and not Facebook itself. So if you’re truly hoping to see results from your Facebook Ads, then this is one podcast you do not want to miss.

In this broadcast, Mojca and I talk about:

  • What is the current landscape of Facebook Ads
  • How does Facebook Ads compare to other social media platform ads
  • Are Facebook Ads effective no matter what you’re selling or is their a certain market that Facebook is better suited for
  • How do you approach Facebook Ads for the first time
  • What should you look for when it comes to organizing Facebook Ads
  • What is Mojca’s Facebook Ads structure
  • What is a traffic campaign on Facebook Ads
  • Why should you do research on your target market before running ads
  • How do you know if your Facebook Ads are working
  • How are Facebook Ads an investment
  • Why you shouldn’t move directly from traffic to paid product, but rather have a lead magnet in between
  • What should you be looking to spend in ads for the first piece of your campaign to the second piece
  • Why you should have a tripwire product
  • What is retargeting and why is it important
  • Why should you invest in brand awareness
  • How are ads different for B2B and B2C
  • What kinds of items should you create for ads
  • Why you should do some proper A/B testing for your ads

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