ITT 043: How to Operate a Business from Another Country with Nick Gentle

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Nick Gentle is the co-founder of iFindProperty. Born in New Zealand, Nick lived and worked in Japan for 11 years before he began investing in rental properties. To get started investing, he used iFindProperty, a company that helps investors find and invest in real estate in New Zealand. After Nick became a professional investor, he and a friend built an investment company to help others do the same. Most suprisingly, Nick was able to build this company while still living in Japan. As fate would have it, a few years later they ended up merging with iFindProperty, and have built it to a leading investment company in New Zealand.

What Nick Gentle and I talk about in today's broadcast:

  • How he started his investment company
  • The issues he faced working with a partner
  • Differences and hurdles of investing between New Zealand and the United States
  • The balance between the company as another job and being an investment
  • Struggles of running a New Zealand-based company while living in Japan

Where you can find Nick Gentle online:

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