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ITT 089: How to Take Your Freelancing Business to the Next Level with Ryan Waggoner

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89 Ryan Waggoner In The Trenches Podcast Tom Morkes
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Ryan Waggoner is a freelance developer, and the creator of letsmakeapps.io. Ryan created LetsMakeApps as a way to generate more leads for his development business, and is dedicated to helping his audience do the same.

In this broadcast, Ryan Waggoner and I talk about:

  • 2:23 – How Ryan got into freelance development work, and grew that into a million dollar business
  • 3:22 – How Ryan chooses to position himself in a specific niche, and why it’s important
  • 11:12 – Why freelancers should never charge hourly (and the alternative – value based pricing)
  • 16:24 – The luxury of having enough leads to be able to charge more, and say no
  • 18:37 – How Ryan used Craigslist to find a $107,000 piece of business
  • 20:40 – How to find, vet, and close freelance development leads (and how to make it easy with letsmakeapps.io)
  • 25:45 – Why the best work is repeat business
  • 26:51 – The importance of managing your time and mental work load as a freelancer
  • 29:02 – How many projects Ryan has on at a time, and how he structures his week

How to find Ryan Waggoner online:

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