ITT 164: How to Make $30,000 per Month Publishing Kindle Books with Steve Scott

Steve Scott sits down with Tom Morkes to discuss how he makes $30,000 per month publishing on Kindle on this episode of "In The Trenches."

Today, I delve into Kindle publishing with Steve Scott, who is the author of over 70 self-published books. Steve Scott pivoted from being a blogger to a self-publishing machine, and that change enabled him to start making $30,000 every month from his writing.

Steve and I take an in-depth look at the digital publishing realm.
Steve highlights why he started self-publishing and the tricks of the trade that allowed him to get to where he is today. From self publishing process details to larger digital realm logistics, Steve gives us a peek into the life of a writer in the age of e-commerce and the internet.

In this broadcast,
Steve and I talk about:

  • How Steve got into the digital realm
  • How Steve pivoted from blogging to self publishing and the lucrative results
  • How Steve leverages his subscription and email lists to sell his books
  • Why Steve chooses to use paid advertising
  • How changing online regulations can hurt profits
  • Why it is important to diversify income streams
  • How the release of the audiobook can complement the release of your ebook
  • Why the title of your book is important
  • Why Steve slowed down his creation process from 3 weeks to 3 months
  • Why collaborating with other authors can be a powerful approach to your books
  • How Steve chooses the topics he writes about
  • Why evergreen topics sell more over the long-term
  • Why Steve stopped selling courses
  • How you can succeed in self-publishing

And much more...

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