ITT 186 - Sacred Money Archetypes with Tina van Leuven

in the trenches EP 186 - ITT 186 - Sacred Money Archetypes with Tina van Leuven

Tina van Leuven helps soulpreneurs align their energy and mindset with the intentions, desires, and vision they have for their business and their life. She does this by helping to clear their money blocks and energetically release lifelong limiting programming that have been sabotaging entrepreneurs from creating the results they know deep within their hearts are possible, yet haven’t been able to achieve. Tina helps entrepreneurs reconnect with their own source of joy and abundance while discovering ways to express that in their business so that they may begin monetising their unique gifts.

Today we’re talking about what abundance is, why it’s important, and some interesting archetypes that go along with the idea of abundance. We’ll also dive into a short discussion about her recent launch that we worked on together. My biggest takeaway from this conversation is that we all have an archetype, but it’s how we use and embrace this archetype that will see us reaping the benefits.

In this broadcast, Tina and I talk about:

  • What is Tina’s entrepreneurial journey
  • What are the Sacred Money Archetypes
  • How can you use the Sacred Money Archetypes to reach your money goals
  • In what ways can you approach the strengths and weaknesses of the archetypes
  • How can you strengthen the “Celebrity” archetype
  • What are the steps to embrace rational awareness
  • What is Tina’s energy clearing process
  • Why you have to be open to doing deep work to change yourself on the inside so that you may be successful
  • How you can run a successful launch
  • What are the pros and cons of hosting challenges leading up to a launch
  • How did the challenge set the foundation in place for Tina’s launch
  • What did Tina focus on after the launch
  • Is Tina going to explore influencer marketing to drive more traffic to her launches
  • What was Tina’s engagement like with a live launch

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