ITT 191 - How to Grow Your Audience with a Virtual Summit with Liam Austin

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Liam Austin is the Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs HQ and a virtual summit expert. He has hosted over a dozen virtual summits, which have cumulatively generated over 100,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands in sales.

In today’s conversation, Liam and I discuss virtual summits. What they are, how they work, and how they can be so profitable, even if you're starting from scratch.

For more on how profitable a virtual summit can be, check out my blog post and video here.

My big takeaway:

Liam has a lot of experience with summits, and it was fun to compare strategies and tactics to see where we converged and how we differed on our approach to virtual summits.

But bottom line:

Virtual summits still work, and can still work quite well - but you gotta get the partnership and traffic piece right. We explore that and more in today's conversation.

In this broadcast, Liam and I talk about:

  • How Liam use LinkedIn to get started in the virtual summit space
  • What referral software Liam uses for his summits
  • Ambassadors - what they are and do you need them
  • The difference between ambassadors and affiliates
  • How to integrate referrals into your campaign
  • Expected conversion rates on a summit
  • Five foundational elements of a successful virtual summits
  • What should you lead people to after a summit
  • And more

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