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What Do You Want to Create With Your Life?Instigating

Do you have a book inside you waiting to be written?

A business you’ve been dying to build?

Or maybe a movement begging to be brought to life?

If you’ve ever wanted to do something creative, remarkable and worthwhile, then you came to the right spot.

I’m Tom and I help people start, finish, and ship creative projects.


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Face it – doing creative work is tough and unforgiving.

It’s an inner creative battle and it can break even the most ambitious and passionate individuals.

And that’s why you shouldn’t fight your battles alone.

When you join the Resistance, you join the growing army of artists, writers and creative entrepreneurs each fighting the creative fight to do do remarkable work and impact the people that matter.

As a member, you get exclusive access to powerful, actionable content, designed to help you break through creative block and create your life’s work.

Stop fighting your inner creative battles alone.

My Purpose

I believe everyone has a great, creative project inside of them – something waiting to be taken seriously, something begging to be given the chance, something demanding to be brought into existence.

It could be a book, business, or blog; a brand new invention or a world-changing movement; a simple evolution of a concept or a complete overthrow of the status quo.

Whatever it is, you have it inside you, and it’s about time you took action.

This blog isn’t for everyone – it’s not supposed to be.

But it is for the small, passionate few who care deeply about art, creativity, and impacting the world.

If that’s you, sign up and I’ll send you my book The Art of Instigating for free.

The Art of Instigating and all the other content I produce is designed to help you take your project from idea to reality.

What People are Saying:

“The Resistance Broadcast instantly plugs me into an active stream of creative instigators with front line guidance in a battlefield mentality.   As part of The Resistance I’m ensured that complacency will be overcome and completion will reign.” - Jeremy Poland  //  Founder of Marriage Pursuits


“The Art of Instigating was fabulous.  I’ve read most all of the inspirational authors and Tom keeps pace with any of them.  Great work!” - Kevin H.  //  Resistance Member


The Art of Instigating was a 5-hour energy for my spirits.” - William M.  //  Entrepreneur and Gentleman


“One of the most powerful ebooks ever…and it’s free.  Get it!” - John Richardson  //  Founder of Success Begins Today


“Brilliant…it had me engrossed until the end.” - Jane Manthorpe  //  Resistance Member


“It is uncanny how Tom writes about topics that parallel my struggles every week.  It’s almost like he is spying on me.  I am grateful for knowing Tom.  His encouragement and insights have kept me from not quitting on my dreams.” - Nate Kutsko  //  Founder of Kutsko Kitchen

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About Tom Morkes

Hey, I’m Tom and I’m an author, publisher, and instigator.Tom Morkes headshot3

I’m the CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a boutique publishing company (we make books for the creative outliers of the world).

I’ve written 3 books: The Art of Instigating, 2 Days With Seth Godin and The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing (all of which I sell as Pay What You Want through my website).

And I help people build businesses, books, and movements.

I graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, I’m an Iraq War veteran, and, for a while, I got paid to jump out of helicopters.

This blog is my way of applying what I’ve learned leading troops in combat to the world of entrepreneurship, writing and art.

During my years of active duty military service, I’ve learned no more important lesson than this: people need you to instigate.

Every team is waiting for someone to take point, to lead, to be the first to jump out of the helicopter.

Your opportunity is to be that leader.

Easier said than done?

That’s why you shouldn’t do it alone.

Fighting a war is easier with an army.

When you subscribe below, you join me and the growing army of artists and entrepreneurs, each fighting the inner creative war to do remarkable, impactful work for the people who matter.

It’s not for everyone…

But it could be for you.

I hope to see you in the fray.

Never Fight Alone: