How to Use Facebook Messenger to Sell More Books

In this blog post and corresponding video, you will learn how to grow your reach and increase your profit by selling books directly to your readers, fans, and followers via Facebook Messenger.

How to Use Facebook Messenger to Increase Book Sales (and sales of your ecourses and other infoproducts)

I sit down with Ciprian Soleriu, founder of, to explore the utility of Facebook Messenger as a marketing and sales channel for authors and content creators. Ciprian and I break it down for you step by step, including:

  1. The financial and business risks of using Amazon exclusively to sell your books (and why Amazon is becoming a pay-to-play platform)
  2. The truth about "distribution" (what you need to know)
  3. Why you should you sell directly to your audience (as an author or indie creator) instead of Amazon
  4. The benefits of FB messenger bot (from both a sales and support perspective)
  5. How to setup your FB messenger bot to generate new signups and sales
  6. How to grow your audience using Facebook Messenger and how to put it on autopilot (real in, set once and forget)

We also discuss specific ways to organize your Facebook Messenger bot sequences and ways of structuring your Facebook Messenger bot messages via Manychat.

Your Turn

Is Facebook Messenger for you? Thinking about trying it out? Share your thoughts, questions, and comments below.

(If you're interested in seeing my complete Manychat Facebook Messenger bot sequence for new readers / visitors, leave a comment below. If I get enough interest I'll do a follow up video about how it's worked out for us.)

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One comment on “How to Use Facebook Messenger to Sell More Books”

  1. Hello Tom,

    Can I please see the Facebook manychat messenger sequence you use for new readers/visitors?

    I would be interested in seeing how it has worked out for you.