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How to reach new customers using this “long tail” marketing strategy

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Did you know that half of all internet traffic is fake?

True story:

According to research conducted and compiled by HostingFacts, 51.8% of all internet traffic comes from bots.

In other words, every other person who visits your blog, lead magnet, or sales page is very likely a bot (and totally fake).

Have you ever wondered why you get such dismal results from activities like posting on social media? 

Because fake people don’t buy things.

So here’s a better strategy:

Target REAL PEOPLE who have actually BOUGHT REAL THINGS before, and then get your book, product, course, software, whatever in front of them.

I’ll show you how in this mind-melting new training video:

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What we cover in this video:

  • fake traffic (even faker than fake news)
  • pay to play and the social media period scheme
  • tech oligarchs and their monopoly on almost every marketing channel online (except for one…)
  • how to reach readers with the “slide in” technique (90% of the time, it works every time)
  • and more

Things I mention in the video:

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this post actually I recently started my blog and getting very good comments like you mentioned in your post,

    And I felt as there are some peoples who reading my post and appreciate me but now I realize the reality was totally different as I think.

    • If you’re getting real comments, then you’re doing something right. People only leave good comments when they care and are paying attention. What reality are you talking about?

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