My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

A little over a month ago, I decided to dive into the NFT space. NFTs (or Non Fungible Tokens) are a popular new trend that allow creators to monetize digital products in interesting new ways.

As an author / publisher / creator / online business owner in the education and publishing space, I think there's "something here" when it comes to NFTs.

What that "something" is I'm still waiting to see -- but in the interim, I wanted to test the waters and see for myself what all the fuss was about.

To get started, I solicited feedback from my newsletter subscribers.

I asked them what they would like to see me create as my first NFT.

Here are a few of my favorite responses:

nft michael2021 10 08 14 37 06 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux
nft brian 2021 10 08 14 37 23 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux
nft jen 2021 10 08 14 38 45 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Thanks Jen, Brian, and Michael -- appreciate the feedback. Lots of great ideas here, though I especially liked the idea of selling a 'block of time' from a conceptual standpoint (nice one Brian!)...

But, in the end, I decided to go with something simple and maybe a bit more appropriate to the work I do in the publishing space...

So I've decided to turn one of my books into an NFT.

The next question is: which book?

I didn't want to simply package a book that's already out as an NFT...that just doesn't feel like it has enough 'pizzazz.'

And I don't want to delay shipping an NFT with an entirely new book (though I've got a lot of ideas on that front...).

So I've decided to do something I've been planning to do for a few years now:

Update "The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing."

And to roll out the 2nd Edition of the book, we'll be releasing a limited edition via NFT.

I'm already in the process of updating the content of the book with new examples, new case studies, and new research...

But in the meantime, I want to hear from YOU!

Vote For Your Favorite Cover

Now it's your turn.

Help me decide the best cover for the 2nd edition of The Complete Guide to Pay What You Want Pricing.

I've labeled the cover mockups below, Cover 1 through Cover 8.

Leave a comment below with your top pick / favorite cover (or top 3 picks in order). Just leave the # of the cover you like best (e.g. "I love cover #5, #2, #7 in that order").

Based on feedback, we'll move forward with completing the updated design...and after that, we'll be turning the new cover into a limited edition NFT print (think "Platinum" and "Gold" editions, yo).

(oh, and by the way -- everyone who leaves a comment on this blog post will get a very special, NFT exclusive from yours make sure to comment below to win!)

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Cover #1

pwyw pricing 1 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #2

pwyw pricing 2 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #3

pwyw pricing 3 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #4

pwyw pricing 4 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #5

pwyw pricing 5 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #6

pwyw pricing 6 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #7

pwyw pricing 7 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Cover #8

pwyw pricing 8 - My NFT Experiment - Part Deux

Special shout out to the cover designers over at Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press for creating several of these mockups.

Vote on your favorite cover below!

Leave a comment with your favorite cover. Everyone who leaves a comment will receive an

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47 comments on “My NFT Experiment - Part Deux”

  1. Number 5 stood out to me, followed closely by cover number 2!

    I've been looking at the NFT space from an author perspective too, so looking forward to seeing how this plays out for you Tom!

  2. Number 7 the point, less stuff ... The others have a generic feel ... Although the coin jar maybe has less appeal, it's inclusion protrays it can be done with spare cash ... And the colors ... Orange and green nice together... Not Ott.

  3. Cover #7
    Good choice to go with one of your books. Artists do art, writers do books. It's what you are known for and people will accept an NFT as a logical extension. Congrats and good luck with it.
    (PS, since my comment I have gotten invested in NFTs, for better or worse, and already own over 50 - it crazy addictive and I hope crazy profitable)

  4. Awesome idea! I like the color scheme of #1 because it aligns with your branding, but I like the design of #2 and #7. I initially was going to include #3 as well, but I cut it.

  5. I like 1,2,7,5
    Biggest problem is in 1, the sub caption text is too light. In others, sub caption is frequently too small to be visible when Amazon-view-downsized. 5 looks good though that object with coins is…indecipherable. Looking forward to update no matter what cover, Tom—thanks!

  6. My favorite is #5, by far. I also like #1, but the dollar sign in P$Y looks too much like an "S" and could be confusing.

  7. Hi, I got confused with cover #1 as the word P$Y almost looked like “PSY” so I would rank it last.
    I will definitely go with a sober efficient and confident cover such as #8 and #5 which are my favorite covers. If had to pick up a bronze medal that would be cover #6.
    All the best !

  8. My favorite is No.1 - i suggest you change from $ to A as it is not obvious that you mean PAY.
    The second option is cover #3.

  9. #7.

    It best connects to the topic in a not-conceptual way.

    Clarity is key in the crowded space of business book covers.

  10. The only one that makes sense to me is #6. The gold colour and varying piles of coin get the idea across and it's visually appealing.
    #1 at first glance looks like a typo, and the graphic doesn't communicate.
    #2 is ok, and gets across the idea of clicking, but doesn't look very interesting
    #3 graphic doesn't communicate either. It's a magnet for what?
    #4 might work if they were gold bars (or $ bills)
    #5 I just really hate it. It's not attractive and the graphic makes it look like you're either counterfeiting or rubber-stamping.
    #7 the label on the jar is too small and the wrong colour to read your subtitle, and I'm not sure I even like the jar
    #8 is OK but boring. Good if you want to come across as very conservative, I suppose.
    These comments are based on the large pictures shown here. It's hard to know how they'd look as thumbnails, say on Amazon.