Into the Unknown

Maybe I’m Crazy… In fact, I must be. Right now, as I write this blog post, I’m sitting outside a Starbucks in Boise, Idaho… I’m thousands of miles away from most of my friends and family… And I’m Homeless and unemployed. That’s right – no job, no predictable income, no home… And I have no […]

In the Trenches 006: Creating New Paradigms with Clay Hebert

You Can Change Your Life Or at least that’s what Clay Hebert did. In 2008, Clay was at a crossroads.  Should he continue to work for Accenture, where he had a guaranteed salary and could easily move up the ladder?  Or should he branch off on his own path, a path completely uncertain and paved […]

What Will You Do With Your Dreams?

Dreams We all have them. Not just the kind when we sleep, but the more important ones – the ones we have when we’re awake. They come to us when we’re driving home from work, when we go for a long run, when we reminisce over war stories with an old friend. These dreams usually […]

Winning Your Inner Creative War

The Pain of Creation Every act of artistic creation (business, blog, book or otherwise) begins in the mind. They begin as acts of love (we care about our ideas) and defiance (challenging what is with what could be). But being inside your own mind isn’t a pretty thing.  It’s nasty in there; what is right […]