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I get asked questions every day about starting, finishing, and shipping things. Let’s be honest: I bring this on myself. Not only do I write about these topics, but I ask everyone I meet or who joins The Resistance to tell me what they’re struggling with (and how I can help). The nature of this […]
Ever since I can remember, I loved the idea of being a writer. After all, how cool would it be to create something as epic as The Lord of the Rings, or The Chronicles of Narnia, or Gates of Fire and know that this amazing story came from you? But time passed and I never did […]
Learn how to sell anything (that’s worth selling) in this 7-minute video that film critics everywhere are raving about*: *I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. This training is based on the launch of a business mastermind + training program for veterans, and is Part 3 of a 3-part training. In Part 2, I […]
In 2014, I collaborated on and launched a premium mastermind program. What started as just an idea several months prior culminated in a launch that brought in $40,000+ allowing us to fund our startup operation without a loan or investors. In part 1, I wrote about “The Open Loop Product Development Framework” - a process I […]
For a more in-depth look at building a team and shipping a product to market, check out: Collaborate: The Modern Playbook for Leading a Small Team to Create, Market, and Sell Digital Products Online. The Open Loop Product Development Framework One of the first major projects I collaborated on was a business mastermind for veterans. What's […]

What Makes You The Expert?

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This past June, my wife and I spent 15 days exploring Ecuador. Unlike the other countries we visited this past year, our Ecuador adventure involved a lot of bus travel. On the plus side, Ecuadorian bus travel is cheap. We traveled by bus from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon jungle, with a couple stops […]
I had a conversation with a friend the other day. We were talking about her situation and what her 5 year goals were. The response: “to be self-employed with a healthy, cashflowing business.” “What’s stopping you?” I asked. “My biggest reservation to becoming an entrepreneur is money. Current funds are limited, and I’m not sure […]
In the past twelve month, I’ve: Traveled to 5 continents Spent time in 12 countries Literally lived out of a car for two months in New Zealand Almost got stomped by an elephant in Africa Snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef Driven through the deserts of Namibia to find cave man paintings (found them!) Had way […]
On 16 October, 1890, in a small farm off the windswept southern coast of Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland, the leader of the Irish Revolution was born: Michael Collins. Of course, no one could predict this at the time, but like all history, it now seems inexorable. The youngest of 8 kids, Collins didn’t grow up with […]
Last month I got an email from a friend. After 6 months of hustle, she's throwing in the towel. Why? I felt bad. I hate seeing people fail. I hate it even more when a project fails that hasn't been properly validated in the marketplace. In my friend's case, she had only tried one option. It […]
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